Know Your Office 365 Services Are Secure with Cloud Security from PTG.

Cloud Security from PTG


Our expert security team knows what it takes to keep SMBs and Office 365 users secure. 

While Office 365 already includes some powerful security tools, you need to take a pro-active, preventative approach in order to keep your data from falling into the wrong hands. 

That's where Cloud Security from PTG comes in. It's an affordable add-on with services that include:

    1. Monitoring suspicious log-ins: Our security team will get notifications of suspicious logins within 24 hours. That way we can notify you if someone has access to an account that they shouldn't. 
    2. Dark web monitoring: We will monitor the dark web for your company information and inform you as soon as your credentials and personal information is listed for sale to hackers.  
    3. Quarterly phishing testing: Most successful data breaches rely on some form of human error. Phishing your employees is a common way for bad guys to steal information. Our security experts will send a fake phishing message (that looks like the real thing) to your workers on a quarterly basis and deliver a report on who failed the phishing test. 

This cloud security service is a low cost way to get a quick cybersecurity "win" for your company. Speak to one of our Solutions Specialists about our other more advanced AI-powered "best-in-class" security offerings. We have a level of cloud security to fit any organization's needs (see our contact number and email below.)