By PTG, Inc. 2020

Why do you need this cyber education deck? 

To Avoid Up to 90% of Business Attacks -->

Show Me How to Secure My Business

Cyber Education is The Answer 

This is the info bad guys hope you don't want to know. 

Stop them from hacking your employees minds.

By PTG, Inc. 2020

In this PDF deck you'll learn: 

  1. The thing 91% of businesses forget to secure. 
  2. Your biggest threats and how they're trying to attack you. 
  3. The tricks bad guys use to get your passwords. 
  4. Your best defense against the thousands of breach attempts happening every day. 
  5. What hackers spend 5 hours a day doing, and how you can stop it before it takes over your business. 
"Timely and efficient!! Thanks so much."
-- A real local business owner who was tired of getting hacked. 

  Download, Read, Secure Your Business. 

You don't have to hire us to protect you, but please, please, take this stuff seriously.  In the time it took you to read this, someone just sent one of your employees a phishing email. 

  • Page 1: Scary business security stats that you need to know. 
  • Page 2: Assessing your threat level. 
  • Page 3: Social Engineering attacks explained. 
  • Page 4: Your best defense against 90% of attacks. 
  • Page 5: Inside the hacker's mindset. 
  • Page 6: Your password is compromised, now you have to rename your dog. 
  • Page 7: The successful 5 step cybersecurity process. 
  • Page 8: Determining your baseline AND a free offer. 
  • Page 9: So good, we couldn't even mention it here.
Reed Wilson

"Most business owners don't care about cybersecurity, until they REALLY have to care about it. It's always better to be proactive." 

Reed Wilson - Founder/CEO of PTG.