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  • Linkedin Learning has made all of their work from home content free, access the courses here
  • You may want to check out our blog for more helpful posts on working better, cybersecurity, and Office 365 tips. 

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Remember to leverage your IT support for the following assistance: 

  1. Helping you with remote user identity and access.
  2. Setting up Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and VPN licenses to access corporate resources securely. 
  3. Managing devices in a cloud-based environment. 
  4. Helping you to get the most out of the productivity apps you already have.  
  5. Advice and assistance for holding virtual meetings. 
  6. Making sure you can access your line of business applications from home.  
  7. Monitoring your service and alerting you to any changes in behavior or security status. 

Need to setup your desktop at home? Watch our step-by-step tutorial. 


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