Ready, Set, Go,

Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing corporate communication, but we've discovered that while most Office 365 subscribers have access to it, they're not using it to its fullest potential. 

With Ready, Set, Go, Teams training you'll be able to roll out this powerful platform to your entire office and start communicating, collaborating, and conferencing better this year. 

Teams has improved the work of thousands of organizations already. With Skype for Business being phased out and email inboxes becoming unmanageable, there's never been a better time to roll out Teams!


“The big win that I’ve seen is that Teams has dramatically reduced internal emails when you’re at the height of putting a deliverable together for a client,” - Jody Blencowe, Think Up’s Idea Ace.  


The sessions are great and the trainer is always available between them to answer our questions.” – member of Grandview Champions Team training, February 2019.

How Does Ready, Set, Go, Work? 

Using our quick-start training methodology, you'll have the benefit of knowing that Teams was configured correctly for your organization and that all of your users know how to maximize its features. 



An Interactive Intro Session

  • Office 365 groups set-up
  • Public and private Teams 
  • Internal vs external Teams
  • How to use Channels
  • How to use @ mentions
  • Guide to GIFs and emojis
  • Mastering the meeting
  • Using Teams on mobile


Create Your Champions Team

  • Establish your governance rules
  • What apps will you allow? 
  • What tabs will you need? 
  • How are new Teams created? 
  • Who will create new Teams? 
  • Roll out the first test Team


Final Checks and Roll-Out Phase

Check-in call with your project lead trainer. Final checks before org-wide roll-out.