Know Your Risks & Assure Your Customers Their Data is Safe

With A Security Report Card

Security Report Card Final

Your custom report will cover: 

    1. Administrative Controls
    2. Security Controls
    3. Technical Controls
    4. Tenant Best Practices
    5. Licensing and Usage

It's becoming the norm for businesses of all sizes to be able to prove that they are doing everything in their power to keep their customer's data safe. 

Like a credit score, having a cybersecurity risk score for your business can help you avoid trouble, such as compliance issues, higher insurance premiums and lost sales. 

Our expert security team can deliver a 5-point full report that will show you exactly where your security and data cybersecurity risks are hiding - as well as identify for all of your stakeholders where your company is doing well! 

These security reports are custom-made for each company. We don't believe that security and data management is a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter solution.

We will work with you to leverage technology to bring your business the most value. Due to demand, availability is limited. Make your business stand out from the competition. Get your cybersecurity score today! 

This free assessment allows organizations to assess and monitor their cybersecurity risk over five key metrics; the assets used to derive this score; and provide an objective,easy-to-understand security readout for nontechnical management,will be the sole possession of the organization, to do with what they like, once the assessment is delivered. Organizations who receive a score from Palmetto Technology Group are under no obligation to pursue further services, or consulting from PTG.