As an Office 365 Admin, keeping your environment secure is key. SMBs continue to be a big target for cyber criminals and Office 365 users are now being targeted in phishing attacks.

To help you fight back, Office 365 has several built-in security options available and many more can be added on.

Watch this webinar to learn the steps you can take to keep your company secure. You’ll learn:

  • The top Office 365 security features to use and where to access them
  • How to manage user identities and access and what to do when an employee leaves your company
  • How to use advanced security features like multi-factor authentication
  • Our favorite add-ons to take your security to the next level




Reed Wilson, Founder & CEO

Reed WilsonReed Wilson is the founder and CEO of PTG, an outsourced IT company and Microsoft partner based in Greenville, SC. PTG focuses helps customers manage their technology needs and securely access their information, no matter where they are.

 Wilson founded PTG in 2007 and has grown it into one of top Cloud partners in the region. PTG was named the Microsoft Champions Club Greater Southeast Region Cloud Partner of the Year in 2013 and 2015.  


Why PTG for Office 365?

PTG_logo_high_res_png.pngWe’ve been with Office 365 since the beginning – before it was even called Office 365! And, we’ve been helping companies all over the world…Really! We have customers on every continent except Antarctica! 

We’ve seen everything and worked with companies as small as one person working from their home office to companies with thousands of employees at multiple locations in different time zones.

We’re Gold certified by Microsoft in Cloud Productivity and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and we’ve been named the Microsoft Southeast Cloud Partner of the Year - three times.