Top 10 Things You Need From IT

Never locked into a contract

Reason #1


If we don't do great work, you can terminate your contract at any time, for any reason. 

Pay only for the value you receive

Reason #2


Who wants to pay for the work that doesn't solve their problem? 

Work secure, from anywhere

Reason #3


You and your team will be able to work securely from any location and across any device. 

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Darren was very thoughtful about working on my computer during a time when it would work best for me. He worked around my schedule and fixed my issue quickly. "

-Cara Sizemore, Think Up Consulting

IT Roadmap to Success

Reason #4


You will always have a 12-month IT roadmap to support you and your team to be competitive in the marketplace. 

Predictable IT budget

Reason #5


You will always have a 12-month IT budget, so there are no surprises on your PnL. 

Ransomware protection

Reason #6


We work hard to keep the bad stuff from getting through - but just in case - you are protected by our $1mm warranty. 

[fa icon="quote-left"] "Hope was great. She made herself available when I finally had an open window. Thank you, PTG!"

-Shelley Meyers, Britt Peters & Associates

Supported by certified IT Pros

Reason #7


You will always be supported by certified IT professionals; they aren't learning on your dime. 

Fixed price services

Reason #8


Your IT services will always be fixed price, every single month. 

Scorecard for your business

Reason #9


You will get a quarterly scorecard on how well your systems are secured against ransomware, hackers, and other threats that we moniter in the marketplace. 

Fast response

Reason #10


You will be blown away by our fast response times. While we work hard to keep issues from happening, sometimes things will happen - but we will be ready to support your team.